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Recent Trends and Technologies in Medicinal Chemistry towards Medicines of the Future
Joint SMR/Royal Society of Chemistry meeting

8th December 2017
Julian Bloom Lecture Theatre, The Royal Marsden, Stewart's Grove, London SW3 6JJ


The discovery and development of new medicines to treat many of society’s most complex and inadequately treated diseases remains a lengthy, high risk and high cost endeavour. Within the ever-changing landscape of modern drug discovery, medicinal chemistry as a discipline and the role of the medicinal chemist has evolved greatly, particularly in the last decade.

Drug discovery projects now generate more data, are subject to more rigorous design analysis and often necessitate more creative ways to identify and develop hit material than ever before. The chemistry role has expanded into areas that have traditionally been considered the territory of the biology community, and chemists now routinely design and make conjugates of small molecules, peptides, proteins and other biologics. Chemistry is playing a growing role in interrogating new targets as the next generation of tractable drug discovery projects. Chemists are increasingly working with colleagues in other disciplines to advance technologies that ultimately influence what we design, how we make it and what the final medicine looks like.

Drug discovery innovation now takes place in many settings. Advances have been made in academic centres, research institutes, charitable organisations and biotech incubators in addition to the more traditional big Pharma environments. Ways have been found to reduce structure-related attrition, find leads against new protein families and develop synthetic methods to keep pace with the evolving target landscape. These are exciting times for the medicinal chemistry community.

This one day symposium will highlight some of the new technologies and research trends at the forefront of drug discovery today through an expert speaker cohort of scientists from Pharma, biotech, academia, public sector and charitable institutions from across the UK.

This meeting will be of interest to students and practicing professionals with an interest in drug discovery and the application of new methods and technologies to the enablement of drug discovery.

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