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The Best of Both Worlds : Innovation, Collaboration and Synergy between CROs and their Client Partners

26th September 2018
GSK Conference Centre, Gunnels Wood Rd., Stevenage SG1 2NY


Due to increasing scientific complexity, rising R&D costs and more challenging market dynamics, the pharmaceutical industry continues to seek novel ways to increases productivity and success rates in the pursuit of new therapies for human disease. Continuing a theme focused on new forms of innovation and collaboration in drug discovery and development, this meeting will focus on how biotech and pharma companies are engaging ever more closely with their partner Contract Research Organisations, in the design and development of new and transformational therapeutics.

This meeting will showcase innovation in science that has emerged from several successful Client-CRO partnerships which have moved beyond fee-for-service agreements, towards much broader risk-sharing and complementary collaborations. These case-studies are among many that are demonstrating that this new ecosystem for research, that combines top tier science and best collaboration practices, could be a one factor in increasing R&D success. Presentations, mainly given jointly by client and partner scientists, will cover several different facets of such relationship, including the underlying high quality science, access to unique technology, in-sourcing, organizational & cultural change and pharma companies reinventing themselves as CROs, alongside chemistry and medicinal chemistry partnerships.

Supporting the oral presentations, there will also be a poster session which will widen the scope of the science and collaborations under review. If you and your organization have been involved in such a CRO-Client Partner collaboration and would like submit a single page abstract to be included in the poster display, please click here to download a template. Please send your completed abstract to :

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