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The SMR has a broader purpose than professional development. A significant proportion of our meeting attendees are students, normally post-graduates. We believe our meetings strengthen the intellectual base of the life science sector in the UK, for future careers in the pharmaceutical industry and in academia. We have been faced with increasing costs for running our meetings and have had to increase registration fees to reflect commercial realities.

We have therefore set up a student bursary fund, supported by those likely to benefit from a strong pool of university leavers eager to enter the pharmaceutical industry. We are very pleased to report the donation of a cornerstone contribution of 5,000 from AstraZeneca as a major employer in this sector in the UK. We intend to run this fund separately from the rest of the SMR's accounts in order that its accountability is guaranteed. Disbursements would be supported by investment income to the fund. The benefits will be long-lasting, stimulating many future years of student learning opportunities followed by many more years of productive contribution to the UK science base. We are approaching some of the other major pharmaceutical companies in this in the hope that more than one company will support this proposal.

Application notes:

Applications are open to full and part-time students in the UK who are registered for an undergraduate or post-graduate degree. only one successful application per year will be accepted for any individual application forms must be received by the SMR Secretariat at least five weeks before the meeting to which they relate no more than five bursaries will be awarded per meeting bursaries will cover registration and (in some circumstances) a contribution towards travel costs applications must be supported by signature of Head of Department in the event that applications for bursaries exceed the available budget, the SMR Committee decision on which applications are successful will be final.

If you qualify and wish to apply, now go to the Application form.

Contact the Secretariat for more details.