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Tuesday 26th March 2024
Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ  


In July 2022 the SMR hosted a conference on ‘Innovative new pharma and biotech partnerships: How is the landscape transforming?’ That conference looked at ongoing developments in pharmaceutical discovery and development, focused on the need for partnerships between large pharmaceutical and new biotech companies to tackle the next generation therapeutic challenges.

As predicted by the distinguished speakers in the last meeting, we have observed tremendous changes in the life sciences sector; valuation readjustments, AI driven R&D, M&As and financing challenges. These changes in the landscape promise to introduce major steps forward in the evolution of life sciences and a greater opportunity for all stakeholders involved.

Almost 2 years on, the goal of this new meeting is to better understand these evolutionary trajectories and look at the further developments in that discovery space, but also introduce the important role of a third party, that of the academic research discovery sector. Presentations will highlight what discovery and development is being undertaken in bespoke academic settings, the role of partner bodies in facilitating the coming together of interested parties across academia, biotech and pharma, and revisit the latest roles for charity and venture funding in driving the development of next generation therapeutics.